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DL Warner

Hello, I'm DL Warner, writer and filmmaker.

DL Warner is a writer of genre erotica (Yaoi/BL, Fantasy, Sci-fi with romantic D/s themes).  She is also a filmmaker of all genres. She is a cancer survivor who is active in the Appendix Cancer community. And she is an amteur chef who is passionate about food and cooking.

DL Warner's Background

DL Warner's Experience

Editor at Digital Manga

January 2011 - Present | Gardena, California

Edit and re-write raw translations into more casual English for Manga licensed for US distribution.

Editor/Publisher at Sybaritic Press

April 2002 - Present | Los Angeles

Edit submissions and prepare them for publication and market titles that have been published.

Writer/Producer at Dragoncor Productions

February 1995 - Present | Los Angeles

Write scripts for various concepts, then develop those scripts into productions ready for distribution.

DL Warner's Education

Temple University


Concentration: Creative Writing

Temple University

Concentration: Journalism

Cardinal Dougherty

DL Warner's Interests & Activities

Books (fiction, cookbooks, bios and non-fiction), cooking and baking, films of all kinds, TV of most kinds, living green, music of most kinds and dancing.

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