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DL Warner

Hello, I'm DL Warner, writer and filmmaker.

DL Warner is a writer of genre erotica (Yaoi/BL, Fantasy, Sci-fi with romantic D/s themes).  She is also a filmmaker of all genres. She is a cancer survivor who is active in the Appendix Cancer community. And she is an amteur chef who is passionate about food and cooking.

DL Warner's Background

DL Warner's Experience

Writer/Producer at Dragoncor Productions

February 1995 - Present | Los Angeles

Write scripts for various concepts, then develop those scripts into productions ready for distribution.

Editor/Publisher at Sybaritic Press

April 2002 - Present | Los Angeles

Edit submissions and prepare them for publication and market titles that have been published.

Editor at Digital Manga

January 2011 - Present | Gardena, California

Edit and re-write raw translations into more casual English for Manga licensed for US distribution.

DL Warner's Education

Temple University


Concentration: Creative Writing

Temple University

Concentration: Journalism

Cardinal Dougherty

DL Warner's Interests & Activities

Books (fiction, cookbooks, bios and non-fiction), cooking and baking, films of all kinds, TV of most kinds, living green, music of most kinds and dancing.

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